The Université du Citoyen’s goals are to create the condition of the participation of citizens in the public action and to allow citizens to learn, know and participate to spread their capacities to be citizens. In this way, they can better understand the variety of our environment and build, through the debate, points of view on subjects on their daily life and experiment democracy.

We are implementing different project of debate in various domains (social, urban development, health, youth, culture, education…).

The Grundtvig project

For this project we mobilized Marseille’s citizens participants to different activities University of Citizen to form a group that can follow the project on its duration. This group include allmost 20 persons.

Marseille meeting – “Perceptions of democracy at national and EU Level”

For the Marseille meeting we organized our workshop “The democracy : how it is working ?”

After spending years to support citizen to organize themselves and assert their knowledge and their propositions, we are working today on the remobilization of all citizens and in particular those living in poor areas. Since December 2011, the Université du Citoyen ® organisation is developing a project entitled “The democracy : how it is working ?”. This project proposes to organize, in an interactive debate and practice, workshops with citizens in the way to develop their understanding of the democracy and their ability to use their right of vote.

In this workshop we wish to create the conditions of interactive exchanges and practice on how is working our democracy and how is important to participate to elections

A présentation of this workshop (in french) can be seen at this address

Prague meeting – “Citizenship and political structures at EU level”

Between January and May 2014, 5 meetings were organized with the group including a meeting with the Head of the European Commission representation in Marseille to present him our exchanges. These workshops gathered combined an average 7 people.

Subject discussed : For you, what mean citizenship ? What are various institution at UE level ? What is the link between these institution and your citizenship ? Do you have some interrogations on these subjects ? What can you propose in the way to improve citizens participation and reinforce the link between citizens and UE ?

The results of theses discussions were presented to the prague meeting and can be seen here.Restitution PP -EN


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