На уебсайта на ЕкоЦентрик на български език можете да прочетете повече за проекта и местните дейности, да откриете обучителните материали, обобщена информация за постигнатите резултати и отворено писмо за сътрудничество между формалното и неформалното образование.


We work on teaching Democracy through Education for Sustainable Development.

With our local groups from different cities we focus on topics related to education like: democratic education, education for democracy, non-formal education for democratizing the Bulgarian school, civic education, education for sustainable development.

As a partner organization in this project we are responsible for the methodological and didactic aspects of the partnership. We coordinate the editing the educational materials.


Our local initiatives include trainers, parents, old parents, pensioners, young people and adults that have been part from the educational system in Bulgaria.

We organize different kind of events in different cities, incl. the countryside. The project activities help us to establish and maintain a network of active citizens for educational reform by encouraging their active involvement in making related national policies. With other trainers we exchange on educational methods and materials on civic education as part of the education for sustainable development and we want to develop a strategy for educational reform by introducing informal educational methods.

Some of the seminars that we organized in the last months are:

Seminar for trainerWP_20131215_042s for exchange about active learning methods and possibilities for democratization of the Bulgarian school.

Seminar for trainers and young people to discuss the necessity and possibilities for democratization of the Bulgarian school and train active citizenship.1010104_602765496480458_1875736176_n




Seminar for pensioners to comment the difference between the environmental condition in both political systems (socialism and democracy) and its relation to education.



Seminar for parents to talk about their “old” conservative school and the “future” democratic educational system of their children, where teachers, parents and pupils learn together for a sustainable future.



Shortly before the EU elections we also organized a “Elections for the Bulgarian School” where parents and children voted for a modern educational system. It was an informal way to collect citizens’ wishes and expectations and was combined with a questionnaire among adults from Sofia.

For dissemination of our ideas and results we also took part in different thematic conferences like: First Nаtional Meeting on the Free Education; National Conference on Moral, Ethic and Civic Education, etc.


open-letterAn Open letter by citizens participating in our educational activities was developed and disseminated. It contains proposals for cooperation between the formal and non-formal educational sectors and was addressed to the Ministry of Education.


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