FRIEDA-Frauenzentrum Berlin | Women Center FRIEDA Berlin

The Frieda women centre provides educational opportunities as well as counselling targeted to single parents, unemployed women, lesbians, women 50+ and with low incomes, women with migrant background and girls from 10 years. It aims to promote a) equal chances for women at all levels and contexts of society, b) self-will and common sense to strengthen individual capacities as well as networking, c) educational offers with regard to politics&society, arts&culture, sport&relaxing, d) active participation to develop a social city and to improve the life conditions within its residential area.        Logo FRIEDA Frauenzentrum




Association Université du Citoyen, Marseille /France

It has for purpose to create the conditions of the participation of citizens in the public action. Starting from the postulate that every person has knowledge on his life’s environment and can make proposition to improve it. Consequently, every citizen is a resource in the elaboration of all which recovers from the public action.
The goal of the Université du citoyen’s projects is to transform the existing practices of the citizen, the professionals and the institutional and political decision-makers, to make their encounter efficient.
It is a question of finalizing a coproduction citizens/ professionals / decision-makers, leaving of the principle that every citizen is carrying a complementary knowledge of that the decision-makers and the professional’s knowledge.
The organization is working with all citizens but is especialy focusing on citizens who keep a bigger distance towards the public/political debates and have difficulties to integrate themselves in the society.
The association develops its activities around:
• The implementation of projects of dialogue and coproduction in the direction of the citizen and/or the professionals, and in various domains: social, urban development, health, youth, culture, education …
• The organization and the animation of days of public debate having as object to exchange and to coproduce collective works.
• The training action in the Université du Citoyen’s method.
• The coordination and the animation of the national network of the Université du Citoyen.
For this intervention, the association will use her methodology and her experience around all activities it has implemented.      Impression




Antikomplex – hnutí proti xenofobii, Prague/Czech Republic

The mission of Antikomplex is to promote a critical reflection on history of the Czech lands. Antikomplex runs a whole range of activities, from large project such as book publishing, to smaller activities like organising exhibitions, public debates and other events. A big part of our activities is related to education and school projects. Our concern is to promote new active methods of teaching. Antikomplex cooperates with various partners on regional, national and European level.   logo antikomplex NEW





ECOCENTRIC FOUNDATION was established on 01.01.2011 by a group of young professionals with various backgrounds and experience, brought together by their admiration and respect to nature, concern about the environment, and determination to harness innovative ideas and energy to save the environment for future generations.
The goals of ECOCENTRIC are:
• To promote the principles of sustainable development, encourage active civil society, enhanced human rights and democratic governance;
• To assist the protection of the environment and the cultural and historical heritage;
• To raise environmental awareness among all social, economic and age groups of civil society.
1. Drafts educational programs and runs raising environmental awareness campaigns;
2. Organizes trainings, meetings, forums, contests and other events;
3. Assists dissemination and exchange of knowledge, expertise and know-how to achieve the objectives of sustainable development and civil society;
4. Supports the development of sustainable business and sustainable tourism.
5. Cooperates with partners at from home and abroad to help achieve the objectives of the Foundation.
In this project ECOCENTRIC will contribute with its experience of developing and implementing educational programs and methodologies. In 2012-2013, we have been working on handbooks for non-formal education methods and techniques and organizing and carrying out trainings for educators.   ecocentric_en






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