Common Games


During the project we decided not only to exchange methods and experiences, but also to develop two common games as project results of all partners. Find below a description of the games.

1. Democracy in Action

DOWNLOAD the game “Democracy in Action”

Materials: dice, 30 cards per table with words referring to democracy
Number of participants: from 4 to 5 participants per table
Estimated time: 20 min.


Players sit around a table covered by 30 cards. Each one represents a word with regard to democracy. Example: participate, vote, conflict, discussion, power, election, parliament, rights, etc. The cards may be created by the players before the game starts. It is the aim to reduce the cards to three ones at the end within 20 minutes. Each card/word represents what is needed to put democracy into practise (not: what do I wish to have democracy). For that, one player rolls the dice. The number which was rolled shows the number of cards which should be taken away from the table. The other players can start a discussion if they do not agree with the choice. The final decision remains by the player who rolled the dice. The next player takes the dice and makes his/her decision.

The need to reduce cards may cause lively discussions showing different interpretations of democracy as well as various perceptions of one word! A ‘democratic’, participative game!

Each partner group created cards to different aspects: DE Social Conditions of Democracy, BG Democracy and Sustainability, CZ Democracy and Me: How can we be Active in our Daily Lives, F Democracy EU institutions

All in one file: Cards Democracy Game 

The Game in Wold Café Style

Following these 4 aspects, the game can be made at 4 tables at the same time. After 20 minutes, players are requested to change the table and to continue in another group focusing on another aspect. At the end, after app. 80 min., players of each table show their result (the last 3 remaining cards) to all.


2. Democracy in our hands

DOWNLOAD the game “Democracy in our Hands”



Materials: dice, playing board, powns/ small objects, cards with quetions and tasks
Number of participants: from 4 to 10 participants divided in two teams
Estimated time: 60 – 80 min.

Each team has a pown (or small object that could be used as pown, for example: buttons, small rocks, etc).
The powns of the two teams should be placed on the start.
The two teams have to decide by themselves the order they will play.
One participant, from the first team to play, roll a dice and it shows the nuber of the moves he/she has to do with the pown of his/her team. When the team places the pown in the respective squaire of the board the participant picks up a card and the team has to fulfil the task or to answer the question written on the card.
The squaire where the pown is placed has a number that indicates the time that the team have to fulfill the task. Someone of the participants sould watch the timing with chronometer (it could be also participant form the other team). If the team fulfill the task in the given time they win the points indicated in the card and can add them as moves on the board. If the team could not fulfill the task in time, they lose the points of the card.
For each task/question the teams have 2 minutes to present their results (that time is additional to the time in the squaires). If the participant picks up one of the four jokers s/he also has to picks up second card with task/question. The team can use it as one of the following ways: 1.To pick up another card and to change the task; 2. To add the points written on the joker card as additional time for the task; 3. To add the points written on the joker card as additional moves for their pown.
The team who reach the “end” of the board is the winner.



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