Berlin, October 2014

Berlin meeting: Social Conditions of Democracy

See here a film made by the Bulgarian partners:

20141025_223631[1]After a long day of traveling, during which the three groups from Marseille, Sofia and Prague/Liberec had made their way to the third transnational meeting in Berlin, all the members of the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Association were happy to finally gather in the warm and cozy ‘Frauenladen Weißensee’, which whould be the seminar room for the following days. Not only did we enjoy several cups of hot tea and a delicious Sri Lankan dinner, but also spent the evening playing warm­up games, which eventually broke the ice between the participants. But even though the ice between us was broken, the frosty wind (which Berlin is known for all over the world) made us shiver the next morning.

Nevertheless, everyone braced themselves and eagerly listened to Astrid Landero, who showed us important places of democracy in the highly historical city of Berlin. Due to her pleasant and humorous way to present the facts – and maybe also in anticipation of this day’s lunch in the famous Humboldt University – the three hours in the cold passed rapidly and left the visitors in admiration for Berlin’s special charm. Finally back in the warm seminar rooms, it was time for the groups to get active. The proceedings of the local groups since the last transnational meeting in Prague (especially of the renovation of the old cinema in Liberec, Czech group) were introduced to each other, the social conditions of democracy (conduct: French group) were discussed and the coordinators consulted on how to go on with important terms such as the blog, the handbook and the visual aids.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a reward for the hard work, a nice evening including good folks, good talks and good food was spent in the restaurant “Entweder Oder”.

Also the next day started with an enjoyable meal – a hearty German breakfast strengthened us for a new day full of discussions and debates. This time, the differences and similarities in volunteering in our countries (conduct: Bulgarian group) as well as the background, impact and our opinions on the highly controversial subject “TTIP” and “CETA” were matters of our conversation. The latter was amazingly visualized by the German group, which rehearsed a play especially for this.

 While the learners had some spare time to discover the city on their own initiative, the coordinators again worked on developing the draft for blog, visual aids and learning materials – the conclusive products of our meetings.

To end the long day of work and enjoy the last evening together, all participants and even some friends met in the arts center “Bethanien” ­ a former hospital which offers a spectacular, particular ambiance. The extraordinary buffet was an appropriate start for the nice hours we spent together singing, talking and giving presents to each other.

Overall, the ‘glass’ of those three days was rather half full than half empty and filled us with a thrill of anticipation of the next meeting in Sofia.

J. Fliehmann



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