Marseille, July 2015

Feedback – Feed forward

Final transnational meeting in Marseille, 23rd to 25th July 2015

After the so-planned final meeting in Bulgaria in May 2015, the project coordinators decided to hold another meeting enjoying the opportunity of constructive cooperation. We worked intensively on the further production of our project’s results (teaching material, information about | the ambivalences of | democracy at EU level), the common parts of the final report, and our dissemination strategies. We took time for a feedback of the whole project from each partners point of view. Moreover, we were exploring EU funding opportunities for possible new projects.

During one evening we were hosted by the Marseille project’s participants and enjoyed seeing each other again. The guests got impressions from the meeting’s surrounding of our French project group, the 3rd arrondissement in Marseille called Belle de Mai, which is regarded being the poorest one in all over France.