Prague, May 2014

Filming impressions made by the Bulgarian partners:

The second international meeting in the context of the project took place from 29th-31st May 2014 in Prague. The partner organizations introduced their current activities and their practiced methods during the encounter.

The Berlin Group had prepared a short theater dealing with the topic of “European Standards in the production of food and vegetables, how these standards are experienced in different countries” for the conference in Prague


The Bulgarian group, dedicated to education and the question of democracy in educational system, concentrated on activities, that led the participants to think about their view on the educational systems of their own countries and about how the school system and the whole educational system could become more democratic.


The French collegues focused on methods to illuminate the participants’ different political systems. The group presented its way to prepare for the elections of European Parliament.

2014-05-30 11.41.45
2014-05-30 11.41.31

The hosting organization presented the project, which attends – amongst others – to volunteers and their aim to show good examples of different voluntary activities. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to try gaining public support and volunteers with a lesson on the subject. A representative of a initiative of Liberec complemented an activity of practical advices and questions. The initiative was preparing a beneficial auction with the aim to present the whole project to general public and also to obtain financial support at that time.

During the meeting was also discussed the developing project blog

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