Sofia, May 2015

 Sofia meeting: Democracy and Sustainability – Visions for Europe

See here the film made by the Bulgarian partners:

Our very last Transnational meeting of the project was held in Sofia from 7th to 9th May 2015.
The topic of the meeting was ‘Democracy and Sustainability – Visions for Europe’ and all partners presented their local activities regarding the topic and participated actively in the discussions that followed the presentations.
First evening the participants gathered in a homey and cosy restaurant to meet all together for dinner and to restore our strength for the next days of intensive work.
In the next morning the meeting started with a short ice-breaker and get-to-know each other activity related to the topic.
P1080664The French group presented the problem with the democratic management of waste. Afterwards all participants gave their proposals how to improve the waste management in 3 different levels – institutions, community and individual actions. Also the partners voted to select the best proposals in each category.

The Czech group conducted a presentation about the land-art activity in Konigsmühle and shared the latest news about the recent activities of saving the cinema “Kino Varšava” in Liberec, which is establish as a sustainable cultural and community centre.
P1080747After the lunch break the German group made a short warming-up game and then presented their theatre ‘Making Democracy (at) Work’. Using the method ‘Theatre of the oppressed’ they gave the possibility to the participants to intervene in the scene and to try to change it as they wish with the aim to resolve the presented problem.
The next thing all partners did was to test one of the common games we developed as a product of this project.
Before dinner we joined the guided city tour ‘Sofia Free Tour’ in order to do some sightseeing.

The second day was dedicated to the hosts’ presentations by the Bulgarian partner of the project – Ecocentric foundation. After a short and funny warming-up activity in the morning we tested  the second common game in small groups and discussed about how to change and improve it P1080704before the final edition.

P1080896Before lunch break the whole group went to a Farmer’s market – an open-air market for eco-products from small producers, which set a good example of sustainable practice and responsable consumption.

P1080934The second working section of the day started with another warming-up activity – the group was taught a traditional Bulgarian dance in order to be prepared for the festive evening. Then the Bulgarian group presented the ‘ESDemocracy method’ through which it explained the relation between the Democracy and the Education for sustainable development (EDS). After discussing the method and giving some recommendations for its improvement we evaluated the day and the whole meeting by filling the feedback forms.

The very last evening we had all together we spent it in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant with live music.

P1080968 P1080851

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